What is Test and Tagging?

Electrical Test and Tagging is a necessary procedure completed by qualified technicians to inspect, check and tag electrical items for safety in the workplace. It effectively reduces the risk of electrical hazards through appliances.

Why Test and Tag?

Legislation stipulates Testing and Tagging is checked at regular intervals to ensure employers are fulfilling their obligations under the Work Health and Safety Legislation.

We ensure your business is compliant by testing your equipment to Australian Standards (AS/NZ 3760:2010). Expert Service with an affordable price. We are passionate and committed to safety.

You will only be talking to, and getting advice from Nationally Accredited Test and Tag technicians.

Electricity has great potential to seriously injure or kill. An employer or self employed person has the responsibility for ensuring the electrical equipment in their workplace is safe, and where required, regularly inspected, tested and maintained. 65% of Fatalities in Australian workplaces occur from faulty portable equipment – appliances plugged into a power point or power board.

Safety comes first. Are your electrical appliances compliant to Australian Standards? Do they carry a tag on the plug? We will inspect and test to ensure all your appliances and portable electric appliances are safe for you, your employees and all who may visit your workplace. Don’t wait for an incident to happen. Make the call to ensure your appliances comply with the Legislation, Regulations, and Standards.

What We Do

We will inspect, test and tag, and record details of all your electrical equipment and safety switches (RCD’s) at your workplace at the required regular intervals so that potential hazards are identified and dealt with immediately. The recorded details are passed onto you to assist with audit and compliance issues. The tag can assist you to visually see the appliance has been tested, and lets you know of the test periods specific to your business.

Whether, it’s for schools, hotels, motels, offices, aged care or retirement villages, pubs, mobile businesses, construction and building sites, we can test and tag all manner of businesses and we come to you with portable equipment we carry to the appliance. Our equipment is not required to be plugged causing possible time delays for your staff and unproductive time delays for your business.

Any failed items will be removed from service and tagged respectively with a “DANGER – Do Not Use” tag.

Leave the electrical appliance safety to FireFly Resolutions. You can get on with running your business assured the appliances in your workplace meet all legislative, and Australian Standard requirements.