There are two main types of spiders: ground spiders, and webbing spiders.

Buildings offer shelter, and provide an ideal structure for unsightly webbing in, around, and under structures. Some of our most poisonous spiders use our homes and buildings as their home. These spiders include the Red Backs, Wolf Spiders, the dreaded White Tail Spider, and the Black House Spider.

As well as the unsightly webs around the premises (which collect insect carcasses, dust and debris), spiders can bite causing severe pain, and although rarely, even death.

To protect your home or business, FireFly Resolutions will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the infestation points.
  • Use an integrated pest management approach to ensure all areas of the property are treated, including dust, baits, and spray to avoid further problems.


As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • Getting rid of the webs the day before, or the day of spraying.
  • Checking regularly under children’s toys where spiders may have set up their web.
  • Using gloves, long sleeve shirts and appropriate footwear when in the garden.

Alternatively, FireFly Maintenance can assist in completing these tasks as part of our service.