Buildings are ideal for silverfish as they provide shelter and food. Silverfish love an environment of 75-95% humidity. They are thought to belong to the first group of insects that walked the earth over 430 million years ago. They are nocturnal creatures, so you may find them in the bathroom or near drains at night. They live for up to 5 years and can survive without food for 12 months. When you see them do something about it to ensure they are eliminated.

Most would associate silverfish to cupboards, draws, old bags of clothes, cereal, and boxes laying around. However, they can also cause extensive damage to wall paper, books, and cherished photos.

To protect your home or business, FireFly Resolutions will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the infestation points.
  • Use an integrated pest management approach to ensure all areas of the property are treated, including dust, baits, and spray to avoid further problems.


As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • Removing all potential food sources.
  • Reducing the humidity in the affected areas (put the fans on, or hire a dehumidifier).
  • Repairing all cracks and crevices in your premises.
  • Removing exposed food sources from your home.
  • Vacuuming your home often, including under furniture.


Alternatively, FireFly Maintenance can assist in completing these tasks as part of our service.