All buildings, including homes, businesses, factories or sheds, are possible shelters for mice and rats. Most offer food, water and warmth (especially wall and roof cavities). Throughout its lifetime, rats front teeth never stop growing, and as such it gnaws anything in its path, including electrical wires, which can potentially cause electrical fires in your home or business.

Mice and Rats have long been associated with spreading sickness, disease, and death to both humans and pets. They also damage buildings, electrical components (whether through gnawing or nesting), furniture, stored goods, and obviously contaminate food sources (whether in the home, restaurant or factory).

To protect your home or business, FireFly Resolutions will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the infestation points.
  • Lay bait stations and/or traps will be placed at various points around and within the building.
  • Provide a full report for businesses to complement our service, ensuring you’re aware of what we’ve done and where.


As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • Reducing all food sources available to rodents. Pay attention to reducing rubbish daily. Remove pets food/water, dirty dishes, or food scraps/crumbs in the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Ensuring all food in stored above the ground, and if possible secured.
  • Keeping all garbage secured (maybe as easy as investing in a bin with a lid).
  • Keeping water sources around the building to a minimum.


Alternatively FireFly Maintenance can assist in completing these tasks as part of our service.