Buildings are excellent in attracting cockroaches because they can easily find shelter, food and water.

The two main cockroaches in our homes are the American cockroach (larger and darker in colour) and the German cockroach (a smaller and light brown colour). Should these be seen active during the day, and away from food sources (kitchens and bathrooms) then large populations may exist in or near your premisis.

Cockroaches spread disease by transporting bacteria and other unhygienic organisms from faeces and sewers into our kitchens and onto food. They’re also known to regurgitate or vomit back onto the food they’ve eaten. This causes the unpleasant odour often associated with cockroaches. This regurgitation, along with their castings (outer shell discarded with growth), and droppings are all part of cockroach odour.

To protect your home or business, FireFly Resolutions will:

  • Inspect areas of the buildings to locate the infestation points, and treat those areas.
  • Lay baits in areas frequented by cockroaches, but out of reach of you, children and pets. These baits are specifically formulated to target cockroaches and are primarily applied in the forms of gels.
  • Apply specific Pest Control Dust to subfloors, wall crevices and roof spaces to further reduce cockroach activity and movement;
  • Spray both exterior and interior surfaces where required to eradicate the population at your premises;
  • Provide a follow up consultation within two weeks to ensure the recently hatched cockroach eggs are also exterminated, resolving the problem.


As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • Reducing all food sources available to the cockroaches. Pay attention to reducing rubbish, animal food/water, dirty dishes, or food scraps/crumbs in the kitchen and dining areas;
  • Ensuring all food in stored above ground, if possible secured, and away from walls;
  • Keeping all garbage secured (maybe as easy as investing in a bin with a lid).
  • Keeping water sources around the building to a minimum.


Alternatively, FireFly Maintenance can assist in completing these tasks as part of our service.