Birds can use buildings to perch, nest on or in, and seek warmth, shelter, and possible food sources. With their nesting comes the associated mites, fleas, their unsightly fouling and a number of diseases – able to be spread from both the bird and its droppings.

After inspection we will decide how to deter and eliminate the birds with an Integrated Pest Management Program. FireFly Resolutions can protect your home or business by:

  • Proofing the building, using specific products (such as netting), or incorporate FireFly Maintenance (should repairs be required to eliminate their access to your roof space);
  • Placing physical deterrents, such as spikes, and other available devices on your buildings.

As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • Ensuring care is taken if you are going to clean the bird droppings, and nest areas;
  • Using appropriate protective equipment (long sleeve shirt, gloves, & breathing protection);
  • Ensuring hands are thoroughly washed at the completion of the job, or before consuming food or any drink.

Alternatively, FireFly Resolutions Maintenance can complete these tasks as part of our service.