Ants seek out buildings for shelter, food, and water. There are primarily two types of ants in our homes, black ants (otherwise known as sugar ants), and brown ants which tend to feed primarily on protein food sources. Ants never sleep, so they may be seen either during the day, or during the night.

While they may be unsightly in their trails and excavations, they can also bite and sting; spreading disease as they are not fussy with their food source. From bins and animal faeces, to food in a kitchen, diseases can easily be spread to you, your loved ones, employees, and visitors.

With ants, FireFly Resolutions will protect your home or business by completing one, or a combination of the following:

  • carry out an inspection to seek out their point of shelter;
  • possibly bait the ants, out of reach of children and animals;
  • lay dust in roof spaces, wall cavities, and subfloors; and/or,
  • complete surface spraying around the perimeter of your home or business.

It should be noted because of environmental factors, it is nearly impossible to eradicate ants in the surrounding area, but we can reduce and manage their populations in and around the home from an ongoing integrated pest management approach.

As the business or home owner, you can assist by:

  • reducing all food sources available to ants (rubbish, animal food/water, dirty dishes, or food scraps/crumbs in the kitchen and dining areas).
  • Ensuring all food (especially pet food) is stored above ground, if possible secured, and away from walls;
  • Keeping all garbage secured (maybe as easy as investing in a bin with a lid).

Alternatively, FireFly Maintenance can complete these tasks as part of our service.