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We are safe, expedient, effective and local.   You expect reliable and professional service, and this is our forte. Your feedback is openly received and assists us to maintain our focus to your satisfaction.

We tackle pest infestations by offering intelligent integrated pest control systems for around your home, office, school or factory.

Our methods of pest control are based on best practice from recent research to address not only the problems of infestation, but also the pest’s life cycle and habitat to address the complete protection of your property. We inspect and monitor your property, then eliminate sources for pest activity the best way possible.

FireFly Resolutions can also provide Maintenance to includes clean up or repairs needed to your property to minimise or eliminate pest activity (e.g holes in walls, eves and around pipes being filled, draught excluders fitted to doors and other general tidy up including getting rid of the unsightly cobwebs on the outside of the premises prior to external spraying).

We use integrated approach towards Pest Control. This may involve physical, environmental, biological, and chemical management. You can trust and rely on our professional and knowledgeable personnel to complete thorough pest inspections giving you back peace of mind that your home, or business is free of pests.

We treat many pests that can trigger physical and emotional reactions in individuals, who could be visitors to your home or customers to your business. These pests can also spread disease, damage internal structures, contaminate food, cause illness, and even death. These pests include, but are not limited to: Ants; Bees; Birds; Cockroaches; Flies; Mice and Rats; Spiders; Termites; and Wasps.

We offer competitive prices, and do not claim to treat more than one pest for one price. We use quality products that target a variety of pests to ensure your satisfaction first time, every time. This is how we can guarantee the work we do without hesitation. We use gels, dusts, and spray solutions. Products such as the dust, is used to specifically interrupt the lifecycle of the pest (insect growth regulator- IGR). No product is able to target cockroach eggs, so we follow up within a fortnight to ensure the newly hatched cockroaches are also exterminated so they will cause you no further problems.

All prices include an overall integrated approach to your problem. If you only want a section of the premises treated, then obviously the price will reflect the product used.

Contact FireFly Resolutions. Your local Pest Control expert with local knowledge to resolve the problem for you.

Commercial Pest Control Services for your Flexibility

You need to deliver your business without interruption, and possibly from a number of locations. We provide efficient pest control services at flexible times for your business, especially restaurants, cafes, schools, and retirement hospitals, so as to not interrupt your trading hours.

Confidentiality is an most important factor for your businesses. We guarantee confidentiality and this is maintained, through our flexible times of attendance to ensure an effective treatment with minimum disruptions. As a result, employee and customer exposure is minimised; if not completely eliminated.

FireFly Resolutions keeps you updated, making business cost forecasting, auditing, and compliance issues a lot easier for you. We also provide floor plans for bait stations, or other similar products.